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  • corporate profiles & leverage points
  • power mapping
  • opposition research
  • analysis of natural resource sectors & supply chains
  • facts & data for reports & infographics

I’ve been finding and organizing strategic information for a diverse range of clients for 25 years, including environmental organizations and community groups, law firms, journalists, labor unions, consumer and taxpayer organizations, and small companies. Some of my clients have included:

  • GoodGuide
  • Sierra Club
  • Oil Change International
  • The Transnational Institute
  • ForestEthics
  • Backbone Campaign
  • Evergreen State College Labor Center
  • The Lands Council
  • International Forum on Globalization
  • Earthjustice
  • 1Sky
  • International Rivers Network
  • Corporate Ethics International
  • Rainforest Action Network

The research services I provide range from literature searches and reviews for nearly any topic, to compiling profiles of corporate social responsibility, to political and financial power maps, to broad analyses and detailed supply chains of natural resource industries. I also lead workshops that give activvists hands-on experience using political and corporate research methods and sources.

A few of the projects I’ve done include:

  • Compiling extensive background research on inequality and power for The Transnational Institute’s State of Power infographics.
  • Researching the environmental, labor, and social policies of companies for the consumer product rating database GoodGuide.
  • Identifying the international financial interests behind giant hydroelectric projects in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.
  • Compiling political profiles of key legislators involved in U.S. policies on climate change for a national coalition.
  • Tracing tar sands oil from Canadian drilling sites to U.S. refineries and points of sale.
  • Identifying fossil energy and transportation subsidies.

If you’re interested in high-quality, confidential research support, email or call me at 206-659-1954 to discuss your research project.